Evidence of Light Piping (Meridian-Like Channels) in the Human Body and Nonlocal EMF Effects

" By means of infrared spectroscopy there has been evidence of light channels in the body. These channels follow along the lines known in traditional Chinese medicine as “meridians.” They appear in the range from 3.4 to 5 μm, and they are based on an extraordinarily high optical coherence. Similar observations have been reported about plants. A basic physical analysis of these phenomena points to a wide range of electromagnetic interactions that may cover almost the whole electromagnetic spectrum. They are characterized by excitation temperatures far from equilibrium, containing coherent states, and moving between the absolute maximum entropy and absolute minimum number of degrees of freedom. The results may provide new insights into the principles of electromagnetic regulation of biological systems. However, enormous amounts of work are still necessary to reveal the mechanisms of the mode couplings in the broad field of interactions."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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