Bonghan Duct and Acupuncture Meridian as Optical Channel of Biophoton

Bonghan corpuscles, also termed “primo nodes”, and Bonghan ducts, also termed “primo vessels” have been associated to the acupuncture points and meridians respectively and their physical existence has been being confirmed by different techniques in recent years. Form a network, the primo-vascular system, different from the nervous, cardiovascular or lymphatic system, that is distributed deep inside the body all over the surface of major organs, even it has been found inside blood and lymphatic vessels, and includes the meridian system in its distribution.

As in those ducts DNA granules exists, whose function is unknown, it is postulated that if DNA play a role in biophotonic emissions (that is, if there are taken into consideration the F.A. Popp experiments where DNA conformation alterations altered biophotonic emissions from cells [1]) or retransmission, then is possible to hypothesize that Bonghan ducts (that is meridians) can act as optical channels for the biophotons.

[1] Popp, F. A., Nagl, W., Li, K. H., Scholz, W., Weingärtner, O., & Wolf, R. (1984). Biophoton emission. New evidence for coherence and DNA as source. Cell Biophysics, 6(1), 33-52.

Last modified on 16-Jun-20

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