Inversion of a two-level atom by quantum superoscillations

" A complex system of levels in organic molecules is modeled by a system of twolevel atoms (TLA’s) and/or quantum oscillators. In particular, we study a quantum problem in which a TLA with a high transition frequency is excited by the energy transferred from a cluster of low-frequency (LF) TLA’s or quantum oscillators. We show that even though an energy quantum of each LF TLA is lower than the energy required for the excitation of the high-frequency (HF) TLA near fields of all LF TLA’s allows for the inversion of the HF TLA"

" .. the relaxation of the HF TLA into the lower state is not resonant, i.e. it does not happen during the Rabi period, but due to the spontaneous radiation of a photon during the lifetime of the upper state."

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