Demonstration of biophoton-driven DNA replication via gold nanoparticle-distance modulated yield oscillation

Although complex, because they use molecules equivalent to those actually working in cells (using dNTP instead of ATP and introducing gold nano particles to measure variations that they induce) this paper will reach to a powerful conclusion as can be seen:

" Biologically, there exist two kinds of syntheses: photosynthesis and ATP-driven biosynthesis. The light harvesting of photosynthesis is known to achieve an efficiency of ∼ 95% by the quantum energy transfer of photons. However, how the ATP-driven biosynthesis reaches its high efficiency still remains unknown. Deoxynucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs) in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) adopt the identical way of ATP to release their energy, and thus can be employed to explore the ATP energy process.

... we demonstrate that the energy released by phosphoanhydride-bond (PB) hydrolysis of dNTPs is in form of photons (PB-photons) to drive DNA replication, ...

The experimental results show that both the efficiency and yield of PCR periodically oscillate with D increasing, indicating a quantized process, but not simply a thermal one.

All these results support that the release, transfer and utilization of bioenergy are in the form of photons."

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