Translational brain rhythmicity reflected in spatial resonance within the human cerebrum from interhemispheric discrepancies

" Rostral-caudal standing resonance waves over the human cerebrum have been hypothesized and demonstrated. Here we demonstrate the emergence of resonant current density profiles when the measures from the right and left lingual gyrus and right and left anterior cingulate were spectral analyzed for QEEG records from 237 normal volunteers. The first three peak frequencies of 7-8 Hz, 13-14 Hz and 19-20 Hz which are the same as the first three harmonics of the Schumann Resonances were evident for both cerebral regions ... The estimated right-left current discrepancies of the trough-to-peak spectral measures for the peaks ... consistent with intrinsic magnetic field strengths in the pT range. These results indicate translational brain rhythmicity may emerge between hemispheres as “interference” or “beat frequencies” that are remarkably similar in harmonics and magnetic field intensity to the Schumann fields that are generated between the earth-ionospheric cavity."

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