The influence of heart coherence on synchronization between human heart rate variability and geomagnetic activity

" ...A previously conducted study provided evidence suggesting that participant’s psychological state and quality of interactions between group members was related the degree of HRV synchronization with the magnetic field data and other participants in the group [14]. It has also been proposed that when one is in a state called physiological or HRV coherence that one is more likely to be coupled to and therefore synchronized to the Earth’s magnetic fields [21]. In order to test this hypothesis, we also examined the potential effects of a heart focused mediation technique called the Heart Lock-In, which increases the coherence in one’s heart rhythms, and has been shown to increase the synchronization of heart rhythms between participants in a group setting [22]."

" ...The results of the conducted study indicate that the applied Heart Lock-In meditation technique has a positive impact on the synchronization between the human heart rate variability and the Earth’s magnetic field. Thus, such medical techniques are shown to be valuable not only psychologically (in sustaining positive emotions), but also physiologically since high synchronization between heart rate variability and geomagnetic activity has been associated with better health conditions."

Last modified on 10-Jan-19

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