Natural ELF fields in the atmosphere and in living organisms

This paper is linked in this section because speaks about similarities between biologically generated electromagnetic fields and those generated by global lightning activity (that is Schumann resonances) in the earth.

In reality one of the most interesting part related to this section is when it says that, curiously, different type of species both vertebrates and invertebrate, exhibit similar low frequency electrical wave activity, this even with the obvious brain sizes differences, and for example Zooplankton in the oceans also exhibits electrical activity peaking around 7 and 14 Hz.

From the viewpoint of this website (or from the earth field-gaia hypothetical theory section of this website) this is the way the earth connects to and 'orients' the living beings inside her. It must be taken in consideration that when meditating alpha waves of 8-15 Hz are acquired in the brain, and that some heart measures are in those frequencies also [1]:

" Table 1 shows this entrainment at the heart acupuncture meridian (He9). The endogenous frequencies were 7.768 Hz and 382 MHz. It should be noted that the 7.8 Hz endogenous frequency of the acupuncture point He9 (also the heart chakra) is exactly 6-times the heart-beat requency 78/min; it is also one of the frequency bands in the Schumann radiation from the upper atmosphere." [1]

[1] Frequencies: Effect, functions and meaning for the living organism. Cyril W. Smith. (2007).

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