Exploring Dimensions of the Media Dream Functional Context in Collective Personae

" The earth's magnetic fields are carriers of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems. The electromagnetic coupling of the human brain, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and geomagnetic frequencies supports the hypothesis that the mediated reality of electromagnetic bandwidths can be correlated with bio-energetic and geomagnetic frequencies. Understood as bio-energetic functions (Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, & Intuiting), the media-sphere becomes measurable according to principles of coherency (measured as heart-rate variability, HRV) and principles of Jungian dream analysis (compensation and dramatic structure). It has been demonstrated that the rhythmic patterns in beat-to-beat heart rate variability reflect emotional functions, permeate every bodily cell, and play a central role in the generation and transmission of system-wide information via the electromagnetic field. So, the “media dream” becomes susceptible to psychological analysis leading to a better understanding of unconscious cognitive archetypal patterns of contextual collectives. "

Last modified on 04-Sep-18

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