Electromagnetic Fields as a Natural Environment of Biological Systems

Sometimes esoteric, this article unfolds some of the 'classic' russian searches on human and earth energetic systems.

Investigations also not mentioned in other papers in this web, the present aticle faces with some not officially recogniced science, a reseñable section is transcribed here:

" Six thousand years ago, the Egyptian priest Hermes Trismegistus wrote in the "Emerald Tablet": "From the most distant heights of the sky, the universal Spirit gradually condenses and constantly flows to the Earth. This is her first breath. Emanation constantly rises from the Earth, cleansing it of the accumulated impurities. This is hers." exhalation. "For a long time this was perceived as a poetic myth, and only a few years ago this information found experimental confirmation. And this amazing phenomenon (breathing of the Earth) was" seen and described "by the dowsing operators of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism under the leadership of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor V.Lugovenko."

" As already mentioned, the Earth's energy frame consists of large and small energy grids, the most famous of which are the Hartmann meridional grid and the Curry diagonal grid. The latter form honeycombs (2x2.5 and 5x6m, respectively), the dynamically variable distance between which reaches 80 cm and which were later called "binary". The width of the distance between them significantly changes during the day, season, latitude and depends on cosmic phenomena. As a consequence, there is a real periodic "expansion and densification of binary cells." This energetic phenomenon was officially recognized as the "breath of the Earth" and confirmed the information of Hermes Trismegistus. In mid-latitudes on a summer day, the interval between individual energy acts is 30-40 minutes, and in equatorial latitudes – 130'. The Earth makes its first deep breath at the rising of the Sun, greedily absorbing the light cosmic energy. This is manifested in the expansion of the area of geopositive (light) zones and the compaction of geonegative (dark) zones, after which the same strong exhalation is observed (the area of geonegative zones expands, and the geopositive zones become denser). The Earth breathes like a living being, absorbing the life-giving energy of the Cosmos and releasing its own internal energy. And this fact alone is worthy of surprise!"

" But it turned out that the Earth very clearly reacts to the phenomena of near-earth space. Thus, the appearance in the sky (March 1997) of the Hale-Bopp comet caused a reduction in the Earth's respiration period from 30-40 minutes up to one minute, which lasted until February 1998 and was observed by almost all astrophysical laboratories in the world. At the same time, the following struck. In 2001 specialists, recorded a new cycle of reduction of acts of energy respiration of the Earth, and when they found a new "space guest" in the sky - a comet that flew in from the direction of the Sun, being previously inaccessible for observation."

" And again only the removal of the comet from the Earth's orbit normalized its energy cycle. A similar energetic activity of the Earth was shown by unique studies conducted on 11.08.1999 on the day of the significant solar eclipse. Oddly enough, the significance of the day was foreseen by Michel Nostradamus 515y back. Unlike his previous vague prophecies, he clearly indicated the date and content of the event, linking them with the coming to Earth of the "Great King of Terror", geological and social cataclysms. Scientists did not hide the fact that this prophecy fueled their professional interest and determined the scrupulousness of scientific observations. It turned out that when the Moon blocked the Sun, the Earth experienced a strong excitement. The parameters of her EMF have changed dramatically. Our planet, as it were, threw out all the accumulated energy into space."

" Then its potential began to decrease sharply and at some point it became equal to zero. After some time, the Earth gradually came out of the state of "clinical death", but its parameters became different: the vector of the Earth's magnetic field changed its direction, that is, our planet was revived in a different quality."

" Why does the Earth freeze as a living organism when the Moon becomes between it and the Sun, casting its shadow on our planet? This is partially answered by the scientific association "Cosmopoisk", which together with the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism under the "Breath of the Earth" program studies its EM-radiation. It is interesting that daily fluctuations, which are called "inhalation and exhalation", disappear with the setting of the Sun and are restored only with its first rays. But during solar eclipses, the parameters of the Earth's EM-field change in the same way in different regions of the Earth, from the Spanish Vigo in Tibet and Bratsk, even in places where the eclipse is not visible. One gets the impression that the Earth is a living organism, to the injection of which the whole body reacts in one place! Along with this, no less impressive were the results of measurements of the "breathing of the Earth" during a space experiment in the Moscow region, where, while determining the wind regime of the upper layers of the atmosphere, clouds of colored gas were periodically ejected from the satellite. At the same time, dowsing operators, measuring the Earth's respiration rate, saw that the Earth responded to each emission with a rhythm failure when an artificial cloud appeared..."

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