Short- and long-duration exposures to cell-phone radiofrequency waves produce dichotomous effects on phototactic response and circadian characteristics of locomotor activity rhythm in zebrafish, Danio rerio

Exposed fishes: Altered patterns of locomotor activity that were dependent on both time of exposure (morning vs. evening) and duration of exposure, suggesting that RFR affected circadian rhythm.

" Results of two-way ANOVA revealed statistically significant effects of the factors exposure time and exposure duration on the PR of zebrafish. Fish exhibited photo-positive response till 2 h following morning exposure, and thereafter, showed photo-negative response with increased duration of exposure. During evening exposure, the fish were mostly photo-negative. However, 1 week exposure to CPR did not produce any significant effects on the circadian characteristics of locomotor activity rhythm."

Last modified on 26-Oct-21

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