The effect of electromagnetic radiation on the development of skin ultrastructural and inmunohistochemical evaluation with P63

" The rats in F(-) group were exposed to the RF in special air conditioned boxes, whereas F(+) group was exposed to RF in an aluminium isolated Faraday Cage. ... in F(+) group, similar results were obtained to the control group in terms of p63 immunoreactivity. However, significant epidermis staining was observed in F(-) group with p63. According to the results of multiple comparison groups observed that significant a difference between two groups (p: 0,0001). In our study it has been interpreted that strong staining status for p63 immunoreactivity in the F(-) group, on the development of rat skin of mobile phone can cause significantly effects that is an indication and it was thought that advanced researches must be done on this subject."

Last modified on 20-Jun-18

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