New Electromagnetic Radiations Effects on Ultra Structure of Adult Bovine Sperm

" cytoplasmic membrane had several thicknesses and ruptures and in some areas twisting into interior of cell. disconnection of capsule and multiform spaces were also seen. cytoplasm showed non uniform pattern. chromatin seems to be non uniform and heterogeneous. microtubules surroundings of central tube had multi forms of oval, circular and polyhedral as well as their thickness and distances with each other. acrosomal capsule had several interruptions. mitochondrial sheet was uneven in its thickness.there were several spaces among capsule, membrane and inner elements. there were also some pyramidal bulgings to outer side. terminal part of sperm tail are abnormal in horizontal plane. there were obvious interruptions in communicating microfilaments of pivotal micro fibrils and central fiber in some areas."

Last modified on 10-Apr-16

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