Histopathological changes associated with oxidative stress induced by electromagnetic waves in rats' ovarian and uterine tissues

" The histopathological changes were more prominent in experimental groups, in the ovary were included vacuolation in interstitial, granulosa, luteal cells and ooplasm. Other histopathological changes are disorientation of corona radiata, disruption and thinning of the zona pellucida. Cellular nucleus changes similar to fragmentation of the nucleus indicate the start of a degeneration process at Graafian follicles as well as micronuclei formation in oocyte nucleus and in some luteal cells. Histopathological changes in uterine tissue confined to increase height of luminal epithelium cells, sever apoptosis of glandular and luminal epithelium cells, and sever eosinophils, polymorphonucleocyte lymphocytes and macrophage's infiltration in myometrium and endometrium layers. Vascular congestion points out for the existence of inflammatory response changes in the endometrium."

Last modified on 20-Jul-16

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