Histological Study of Prolonged Exposure to Mobile Phone Radiations on Young Male Albino Rats╩╝ Cerebellar Cortex and the Role of Ginkgo Biloba Supplementation

" ... cerebellum of the mobile phone exposed rats showed that most of Purkinje neurons appeared shrunken and deeply stained. they were surrounded by perineuronal spaces. Purkinje neurons had corrugated cell boundaries with indistinct nuclear profile. they were arranged in more than one layer rather than the one row in the control group. numerous Bergmann astrocytes with pale stained nuclei and clear cytoplasm were observed among these Purkinje cells. Granular layer contained closely related neurons. some of them had deeply stained nuclei. numerous GFAP positive cells were seen in the three layers of cerebellar cortex. numerous distorted Purkinje neurons, this distortion had different ultrastructural featurest, some of them had electron dense cytoplasm containing fragmented Golgi complex and rough endoplasmic reticulum, ill-defined nuclear membranes leaving nuclear ghosts were observed, others had irregular shrunken heterochromatic nuclei. their cytoplasm contained dilated cisternae of rough endoplasmic reticulum, distorted mitochondria; abnormal shapes, variable sizes, ruptured cristae, swollen ones and secondary lysosomes. some of the distorted Purkinje cells with highly corrugated nuclear envelope were shifted among the granular neurons. many granular neurons had shrunken heterochromatic nuclei with indistinct cell membranes."

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