Effect of Stress and Radiation of Mobile Phones on Heart and its Capabilities

" Different types of phone modes and the stress generated by them which affects the heart are analysed. It is noted that human heart is sensitive to stress generated by Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) emitted from cellular phones in normal mode rather any other modes resulting in drastic changes of heart rate. Strong artificial EMFs can enter the body and interfere with the natural way the body works. This can affect virtually any system within the body from stress levels to DNA. The investigations are done by an electrocardiogram unit which depicts the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) i.e., the fluctuations in the heart rate from the average heart rate. HRV is regulated by the autonomous nervous system which decreases as the heart rate increases. The variation in heart rate is determined by means of ECG which records the electrical activity of the heart. Based on the results, significant analysis of stress recovery factors is performed."

Last modified on 01-Mar-19

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