EMF radiations (1800 MHz)-inhibited early seedling growth of maize (Zea mays) involves alterations in starch and sucrose metabolism

" [in 4h exposure] there was a reduction in the root and coleoptile length with more pronounced effect on coleoptile growth (23 % reduction). the contents of photosynthetic pigments and total carbohydrates declined by 13 and 18 %, respectively. the activity of starch-hydrolyzing enzymes-α- and β-amylases-increased by ∼92 and 94 %, respectively. the activity of sucrolytic enzymes-acid invertases and alkaline invertases-was increased by 88 and 266 %, whereas the specific activities of phosphohydrolytic enzymes (acid phosphatases and alkaline phosphatases) showed initial increase up to ≤2 h duration and then declined at >2 h exposure duration."

Last modified on 14-May-16

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