Acute effects of mobile phone radiations on subtle energy levels of teenagers using electrophotonic imaging technique A randomized controlled study

" Subtle energy levels of various organs of the subjects were measured using gas discharge visualization Camera Pro device ..."

" The subtle energy levels were significantly reduced after RF-EMF exposure in MPON group as compared to MPOF group for following areas: (a) Pancreas (P = 0.001), (b) thyroid gland (P = 0.002), (c) cerebral cortex (P < 0.01), (d) cerebral vessels (P < 0.05), (e) hypophysis (P = 0.013), (f) left ear and left eye (P < 0.01), (g) liver (P < 0.05), (h) right kidney (P < 0.05), (i) spleen (P < 0.04), and (j) immune system (P < 0.02)."

Last modified on 17-Feb-17

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