The interaction of radio frequency and Lambda DNA

" Based on the experiments that were run, the results suggest areas of interaction between Lambda DNA and RF energy have been observed. Even at the low power level of 0 dBm, interaction of certain RF energy with Lambda DNA were detected. Since the RF energy was kept at a very low power level, heating of the DNA molecule was not the cause of the interaction. ... Certain regions, between 14.0-16.0 GHz, measured the greatest error and therefore the resulting DNA signal may be affected. Based on the calculated p-values, the frequencies of greatest interaction with Lambda DNA occurred between: 2.15-3.72 GHz, 7.82-9.37 GHz, and 13.29-16.68 GHz."

" Lambda DNA is extracted from the bacteriophage Lambda. A bacteriophage is a bacterial parasite that grows by inserting its genetic material into a host, in this case E. coli. It then overcomes the host cell and starts replicating and reproducing new strands of Lambda DNA."

Last modified on 09-Oct-18

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