Protective Effects of Vitamin E on Mobile Phone Induced Injury in The Brain of Rats

" From the histopathological results of our study, it is evident that exposure to cell phones and Wi-Fi, produces significant inflammatory process in the different areas of brain and these findings are similar to the studies conducted by [31, 32]. Although the duration of the study was not very long, the damaging effects were observed. Continuous exposure may lead to prolonged inflammation in the brain leading to the cerebral edema, loss or impairment into the function of the organs and systems which are being controlled by the area in which damage occurs and increased risk of cancer due to repeated mutations in the area [33-35]. In this research, it was observed that standard antioxidant Vit E ,when used simultaneously with exposure to Wi-Fi and mobile phone, prevented the damage to brain cells and decreased inflammation was seen."

Last modified on 17-Apr-20

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