Non-thermal Cellular Effects of Low Power Microwave Radiation on the Lens and Lens Epithelial Cells

" It has been reported that exposure affects lens transparency, alters cell proliferation and apoptosis, inhibits gap junctional intercellular communication, and induces genetic instability and stress responses in LEC. [Lens Epithelial Cells]" {Credits 1}

As some examples; damage to LEC has found to be associated with the formation of cataracts with opacity in the lens cortex, and that the mechanism of action of the non-thermal (low power) induced cataracts are totally different than those of thermal energies:

" In contrast to the thermal effect, the non-thermal effect was particularly pronounced in the vicinity of the sutures." {Credits 1}

Respect to apoptotic issues on LEC it has been found decreased cell viability, increased cell condensation, and inhibition of DNA synthesis and cell arrest at the G 0 /G 1 phase. In another experiment it was also found that

" .. In the 5 mW/cm2 microwave radiation group, large numbers of LECs were in the initial phase of apoptosis and, in the group exposed to 10 mW/cm2 microwave radiation, many LECs had become secondary necrotic cells. Ye et al [26] also found that, when rabbit eyes were exposed to 10 mW/cm 2 of low-power 2450 MHz microwave radiation for 30 h, the ultrastructure of the LECs changed; apoptotic morphological changes, including small cell size, decreased number of mitochondria and balloon-shaped mitochondria" {Credits 1}

Finally it is also found an inhibition of Gap junctional intercellular communication in LECs, inducing a disruption of coordinated transport activity. It also affects the stress response pathways by the activation of heat shock protein (HSP):

" Using Western blot analysis, Yu et al [38] confirmed that microwave exposure produced significant changes in HSP27 and HSP70 but not HSP90 expression in LECs."

It explains how oxidative stress is a major factor leading to cataract formation. {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Yu, Y., & Yao, K. (2010). Non-thermal cellular effects of low-power microwave radiation on the lens and lens epithelial cells. Journal of International Medical Research, 38(3), 729-736. © 2010 by SAGE Publications Ltd This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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