Mobile Telephony EMFs Effects on Insect Ovarian Cells. The Necessity for Real Exposures Bioactivity Assessment. The Key Role of Polarization, and the “Ion Forced-Oscillation Mechanism”

" ... A significant opposition is found between the results of experimental studies employing real exposures of biological samples from commercially available mobile phones, and the results of studies employing simulated exposures from generators or “test” phones as suggested by health authorities (Health Protection Agency 2012; IARC 2013). While experimental studies employing simulated EMF-emissions present a strong inconsistency among their results with nearly 50% of them reporting no effects, studies employing real-life emissions demonstrate an almost 100% consistency in showing adverse effects (Panagopoulos et al. 2015a). Finally, in the present chapter we show why polarized (man-made) EMFs are significantly more bioactive than natural (unpolarized) ones, and we describe the “Ion Forced-Oscillation Mechanism” for the action of polarized EMFs on biological systems."

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