Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on paraoxonase serum activity and lipid peroxidation metabolites in rat

" FFA serum levels were increased after either acute (one time) (p value 0.000) or chronic (2 weeks) (p value < 0.000) ELF-MF exposure, which demonstrated increased lipid metabolism after ELF-MF exposure. serum HDL levels were increased after one time exposure (p value < 0.000) while chronic exposure to ELF-MF decreased HDL serum concentrations. serum paraoxonase activity increased and decreased after acute (p value < 0.000) and chronic (p value < 0.000) ELF-MF exposure respectively. serum TA levels were increased after one time ELF MF exposure. on the other hand, in chronic exposed rats TA levels were decreased significantly."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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