Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees Multi-Stress Exposure

" Three experimental sites were chosen: a control one far from direct anthropogenic stress sources, a pesticide-stress site and multi-stress one, adding to the same exposure to pesticides the presence of an electromagnetic field, coming from a high-voltage electric line. Experimental apiaries were monitored weekly for one year (from April 2017 to April 2018) by means of colony survival, queen activity, storage and brood amount, parasites and pathogens, and several biomarkers in young workers and pupae. ... Results showed that bee health conditions were the worst in the multi-stress site with only one colony alive out of the four ones present at the beginning. In this site, a complex picture of adverse effects was observed, such as disease appearance (American foulbrood), higher mortality in the underbaskets (common to pesticide-stress site), behavioral alterations (queen changes, excess of honey storage) and biochemical anomalies (higher ALP activity at the end of the season). " {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Lupi, D.; Palamara Mesiano, M.; Adani, A.; Benocci, R.; Giacchini, R.; Parenti, P.; Zambon, G.; Lavazza, A.; Boniotti, M.B.; Bassi, S.; Colombo, M.; Tremolada, P. Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees: Multi-Stress Exposure. Insects 2021, 12, 716. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Common Attribution 4.0 International license.

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