The Role of Water in the Effect of Weak Combined Magnetic Fields on Production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) by Neutrophils

" Our current study was designed to investigate the role of water in biological effects of the CMF. Selection of parameters (frequencies and amplitude) of magnetic alternating component was carried out taking into account the latest experimental data on effects taking place in pure water after exposure to the CMF corresponding to the ICR frequency [16,17] of hydronium H3O+ ions (protonated water) and its hydrated forms [12,18]. These studies demonstrated that stimulation of water with super weak magnetic field results in transient change in refraction index, conductivity, and potential for hydrogen (pH). In addition, such water starts to emit stable transitional magnetic signal at 48.5 Hz, for at least 60 min after the end of the CMF exposure in the absence of any other measurable field. In turn, these experiments were carried out based on the results of our previous research [19,20,21,22] showing that conductivity of protonated form of glutamic acid (GluH+) in aqueous solution transiently increases when exposed to the CMF under the ICR conditions, including in combination with vanishingly small value of alternating magnetic field (~50 nT)." {Credits 1}

(1) The results of our experiments demonstrate that water exposure to a physical effect in the form of CMF with alternating component, which changes by sinusoidal signal at 12.6 Hz, modifies its properties (66% increase in intensity of neutrophil suspension chemiluminescence relative to control samples).
(2) These properties are retained during serial dilution and vigorous shaking of the exposed water (44% increase in chemiluminescence of neutrophil suspension relative to control samples).
(3) Similar but less pronounced indirect effect of the CMF pre-exposed water is observed when using the CMF formed by a random signal proportional to electroencephalogram recording (which also includes 12.6 Hz band). Chemiluminescence intensity increased both after adding to the cells the CMF pre-exposed water (56% increase) and after adding the same CMF pre-exposed water but mechanically treated between serial dilutions (33% increase)." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Novikov, V. V., Yablokova, E. V., & Fesenko, E. E. (2020). The Role of Water in the Effect of Weak Combined Magnetic Fields on Production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) by Neutrophils. Applied Sciences, 10(9), 3326. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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