Neurogenesis-on-Chip Electric field modulated transdifferentiation of human mesenchymal stem cell and mouse muscle precursor cell coculture

"The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the immunofluorescence study confirms that the cocultured cells in the conditioned medium with astrocytic feed, exhibit differentiation towards neural-committed cells under biophysicalstimulation in the range of the endogenous physiological electric field strength (8 ± 0.06 mV/mm). ... The electrophysiological study indicates the significant role of intercellular calcium signalling among the differentiated cells towards transdifferentiation. Furthermore, the depolarization induced calcium influx strongly support neural-like behaviour for the electric field stimulated cells in coculture. The intriguing results are explained in terms of the paracrine signalling among the transdifferentiated hMScs and the C2C12 cells in the electric field stimulated cellular microenvironment in the PMMA microfluidic device."

The used electric field streng is, as comparaison, one order of magnitude greater than thouse that are suggested to be minimun to be effective in interneuronal ephaptic coupling through electric field (about 0.5-1 V/m) [1].

[1] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Endogenous Electromagnetic Fields › Electromagnetic Mind - Other supporting › Brain endogenous electric fields feedback on neurons

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