Influences of Electromagnetic Energy on Bio-Energy Transport through Protein Molecules in Living Systems and Its Experimental Evidence

" The mechanism of influence of an externally applied EF or EMF on bio-energy transport along a protein molecule and their properties are investigated by using analytic methods and numerical simulation as well as experimental measurements. Energy, released by the hydrolysis reaction of an ATP molecule, and its transport are the basic biological activities in the life system, including muscle contraction, DNA duplication, neuroelectric pulse transfer along the neurolemma, and calcium and sodium pumping. This transport is conducted through movement of the soliton along the protein molecules and the dipole–dipole interaction between neighbor amino acid residues. Thus, we affirmed that externally applied EFs or EMFs can directly change the strength and direction of electric dipole moments of amino acid residues in protein molecules, which results directly in variations of property of the bio-energy transported by the soliton, thus a series of new biological effects can occur in living systems."

Last modified on 29-Jun-17

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