Homogeneous static magnetic field of different orientation induces biological changes in subacutely exposed mice

" .. We found that SMF affected various organs and that these effects were, to some degree, dependent on SMF orientation. Both upward- and downward-oriented SMF caused a reduction in the amount of total white blood cells (WBC) and lymphocytes in serum, a decrease of granulocytes in the spleen, kidney inflammation, and an increase in the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). In addition, upward-oriented SMF caused brain edema and increased spleen cellularity. In contrast, downward-oriented SMF induced liver inflammation and a decrease in the amount of serum granulocytes. These effects might represent a specific redistribution of pro-inflammatory cells in blood and among various organs. It appears that homogeneous SMF of 128 mT affected specific organs in the body, rather than simultaneously and equally influencing the entire body system."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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