The spatiotemporal relationship between geomagnetic perturbations and Ebola Viral Disease outbreaks and civil strife in Equatorial Africa

" To address the above discussed inconsistencies, a modified-endogenous hypothesis is proposed, in which human emerging viral infectious disease outbreaks are mediated by very-low frequency (VLF)-electromagnetic (radio) waves (31) emanating from the lithosphere (Figure 6, (32-34)); with said radio waves inducing transformation of endogenous viruses in the human and/or other animals (vector/reservoir) genomes and/or associated gene products. Transformation of endogenous viruses in the host genome results in the emergence of infectious viruses that is capable of replication in the host and transfer and replication in another host (viral transmission), albeit modulated by host defense. Furthermore, this publication argues that very-low frequency (VLF)-electromagnetic (radio) waves also mediate aberrant changes in human brain and associated behavior, enabling the emergence of violent interactions and civil strife (Figure 6)."

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