The Kinetics of the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species by Neutrophils after Incubation in a Hypomagnetic Field

" It has been shown that 30-min incubation of neutrophils in the presence of a near null magnetic field produced with the use of permalloy for magnetic shielding (a residual static magnetic field not greater than 20 nT) leads to a significant decrease (by 48%) in the intensity of lucigenin-dependent chemiluminescence measured directly after removal of the hypomagnetic field. At 20 min after being in hypomagnetic conditions (followed by a 20 min of incubation of neutrophils in the geomagnetic field), the degree of the differences between the control and experimental samples is completely preserved. When the time periods of incubation of experimental samples in the geomagnetic field (static magnetic field 44 μT) were extended (40 min and 60 min) after exposure to a near-null magnetic field, the differences between experimental and appropriate control groups of samples were smaller, by up to 32 and 22%."

Last modified on 18-Jul-21

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