Synchronization of Activity–Rest Cycle Indicators in Mice with Geomagnetic Field Variations in the Millihertz Frequency Range

" The synchronization of mice motor activity, which reflects the activity–rest cycle, with variations in the X component of the geomagnetic field vector (BOXX) in the range of fluctuations from 10 to 120 min has been studied."

" An analysis of the time series averaged over the group showed that almost all harmonics in the interval of 50–120 min correspond to equal harmonics of the BOXX. The cross-correlation function of two series has a statistically significant absolute maximum with a zero time lag between the series. On average, 18% of individual segments show statistically significant correlation between the spectra of activity–rest cycle and BOXX. This result indicates the adjustment of the biological rhythm for the variations of the geophysical one, which corresponds to the effect of adjusting the rhythms of heart and brain human activity to an external rhythm generator, the geomagnetic field."

Last modified on 13-Apr-22

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