Effects of a hypomagnetic field on DNA methylation during the differentiation of embryonic stem cells

" Remarkably, HMF exposure resulted in dramatic changes in global gene expression during mESC differentiation (Fig. 3a,b). We identified 983 genes whose expression was significantly changed...

It is not clear why EMF exposure selectively affects cells undergoing dynamic epigenetic changes, but one can speculate that active chromatin remodeling is susceptible to the effects of EMFs, while cells with a stable identity under constant culture conditions exhibit less active chromatin dynamics, rendering these cells largely resistant to the effects of EMFs. Consistent with this idea, we found that HMF conditions delayed cell fate conversion during the differentiation of mESCs, whereas there were no effects on ESCs in a pluripotent state. In addition, reduced expression of markers corresponding to the three germ layers during ESC differentiation and reduced EB formation under HMF conditions indicate that an EMF is critical for the normal differentiation of mESCs."

Last modified on 09-Feb-19

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