Coherence of heart rate variability and local physical fields in monitoring studies

Between the different environmental parameters that influence heart rate variability (in [1] there is a review of this interesting biological parameter) authors found largest association with the variations of the eastern component of the geomagnetic field, which is consistent with the literature and suggests that variations in regional geomagnetic field are able to find an echo in the functioning of the cardiovascular system of the person. In addition, the correlation with such parameters as the frequency of the Schumann resonances first mode (≈ 7,8 Hz), and the power spectral density of the background in the infra-sound range of 0,5 to 1 Hz is an important result, because the frequencies of these parameters coincide with the frequency of the internal rhythms of the human body.

[1] McCraty R, Shaffer F. Heart Rate Variability: New Perspectives on Physiological Mechanisms, Assessment of Self-regulatory Capacity, and Health risk. Global Advances in Health and Medicine. 2015;4(1):46-61. doi:10.7453/gahmj.2014.073.

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