Was Rife right? A 32-year-old infection cured in 2 hours by a plasma tube radiation

In this experimental application of low intensity electromagnetic radiation on a subject (that has a type of osteitis with two unfavorable features: an undiscovered bacterial source and total ineffectiveness of medical treatments) the results were positive and spectacular.

The theoretical physical basis from which is applied this treatment is as follow:

" Since then the theoretical explanation of bacterial destruction by electromagnetic fields has been given (1). It is due to half-wave resonance of irradiated bacteria DNA, half-wave resonance being linked to the water dipoles associated to DNA. The half-wave resonance frequencies depend on the base-pair number within the DNA of the micro organism, and so a unique treatment frequency is a characteristic of a particular species or strain of bacterium. Half-resonance frequencies for the most part of bacteria range from 4 to 8 GHz, values given by the cylindrical plasma antenna, are obtained from the pulsed modulation frequency of the 27.12 MHz carrier. Recently our theoretical explanation of bacterial destruction given in (1) has been confirmed by means of a wide bandwidth horn tied with a spectrum analyser used to measure the plasma antenna radiation in the range from 1.5 to 18 GHz (see photo 4). We measured a significant power density at frequencies about 3.05 GHz for a modulation frequency equal to 1.4 KHZ, and at frequencies about 6.1 GHz for a modulation frequency equal to 0.7 KHz."

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