The use of drinking mineral water and low-intensity electromagnetic radiation at an early stage of metabolic syndrome development (experimental study)

" To reveal the features of adaptive metabolic development, light-optical and ultrastructural reactions under the combined action of drinking mineral water (MW) and low-intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of ultrahigh frequency (UHF) at an early stage of development of the experimental metabolic syndrome. ... The combined use of drinking MW and low-intensity UHF EMR contributed to the development of adaptive metabolic and regenerative processes: the level of glucose and high-density lipoproteins decreased in the blood, antioxidant activity clearly increased in the liver, the content of RNA, DNA and total protein increased, and the number of dystrophic and necrobiotic cells decreased. Strengthening of the processes of intracellular regeneration was manifested in an increase in the number of mitochondria, peroxisomes, as well as protein-synthesizing organelles - ribosomes and polysomes. Functional activity of the lysosomal system increased. The number of nuclei increased In thymus and specific activity of the thymocyte genome increased as well. The revealed effects were mainly due to the antioxidant, membrane stabilizing, detoxifying, and immunomodulatory effects of MW and UHF EMR."

Last modified on 04-Dec-22

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