Microwave radiations of environment On the possibility of inhibition of malignant mitosis

" 1. Within the framework of the modern interpretation of heliobiology, a science developed a century ago by the great Russian scientist A.L. Tchijevsky, proposed a new agent of solarterrestrial relations: microwave radiation of the terrestrial ionosphere. It exists almost constantly, sporadically increasing during periods of increased solar-geomagnetic activity, especially during magnetic storms and solar flares. For more than two decades, we have been conducting research on the introduction of this agent of solar-terrestrial physics to take into account its role in the association formation of water molecules when solving the most pressing problems of modern physics of solarterrestrial relations: the effect of global magnetic storms and solar flares on the state of liquid media in the human body, and on the formation of optically thin (and always warming up the air in the surface layers of the troposphere) cloudiness, which makes an important contribution to modern global warming."

" 2. Prior to our work, there were no practical results both on taking into account the greenhouse effect on water vapor in the troposphere, and on a quantitative assessment of the contribution of structuring the aquatic environment in a living organism [3,5,6], although it is water molecules that are the main greenhouse gas in the troposphere, and in more than 70% liquid water in the human body. The article presents an approach to biophysical problems based on known quantum-electron-molecular processes from physical optics [1,3,5-9]. At the same time, both the water of the body and the electromagnetic (microwave) field of the environment are considered, and for the first time the mechanisms are introduced into biophysics: induced emission of strictly directed electromagnetic (microwave: EHF-UHF-UHF) radiation in the liquid medium of a living organism, as well as the processes of collisional nonradiative transmission potential energy of Rydberg xcitation from water associates to molecules of biomaterials, including DNA [3,7,8]"

" 3. The research carried out in the article on a number of experimental results published in recent decades, as well as taking into account the original approach to biophysical mechanisms during electromagnetic irradiation of water-containing biological media of a living organism, led us to the conclusion that it is promising to set up work to determine effective modulation frequencies and amplitudes for nature-like, intensitycorresponding to ionospheric levels of microwave exposure, which may be able to inhibit the mitosis of malignant cells in each organ [9]. The deliberately low fluxes used in such treatment allow us to expect that non-malignant, healthy cells will not respond to an abnormal proliferation regime, given their adaptability to changes in environmental stimuli, developed in the process of evolution against the background of a relatively low natural mutational effect created by GCR on ancient Earth. Therefore, according to our concept (within the framework of supramolecular physics), a cancer cell, apparently, will be more susceptible to microwave therapy with effective modulation frequencies and amplitudes than a healthy one. The effects of accelerating the synthesis of the extracellular matrix and tissue healing, registered in [47,48] in experimental systems and clinical applications, also make it possible to expect that microwave irradiation in an effective therapeutic regimen will reduce the levels of those tumor inflammations that often hamper anticancer therapy [43]."

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