Is Victory over Pancreatic Cancer Possible, with the Help of Tuned Non-Invasive Physiotherapy? A Case Study Says Yes

" Could the conventional treatment of pancreatic cancer effectively be supplemented by a low level and non-invasive bio-electromagnetic treatment? A case study, based on the regular exposure of a patient to an electromagnetic field, EMF, emitted by a Rife-Bare technology device, suggests so. The plasma confined in a tube of this apparatus emitted radiofrequency solitons. These low level emissions were modulated by an “audio” frequency generator, pre-programmed for the treatment of this disease. After less than two months of exposure to these EMFs, the tumor completely disappeared in approximately two weeks. The explanation of the action mechanism includes a physics aspect relating to the properties of the dissipative soliton which is emitted-absorbed by any non-linear system, a biophysics aspect relating to the coherent structuring of the cellular bath by incident solitons, and finally a biological aspect. The latter is characterized by a critical resonance frequency leading the “unicellular” tumoral cell to adopt a self-destructive behavior. On the other hand EMFs with low level solitons have no effect on the tissues of complex multicellular organisms." {Credits 1}

In Pancreatic cancer treatment where classical therapy only rescues about 10% of the patients, the authors explore and apply another kind of treatment based on targeting the cancer microenvironment by low intensity electromagnetic waves.

" By admitting that their living nature really exists, the EMF bio-effect which causes a micro-organism seizure that can lead to a lethal resonance would have to be described more than in a merely mechanical way. Now this bio-effect, resulting from a specific EMF treatment, could allow elimination of the parasitic pathogenic viruses, the ones which are acting within the “mutated” cells, or those which are present in the aqueous external medium." {Credits 1}

Recently also is showed that low level EMF of 27.12 MHz, modulated by a wavelenght between 400 Hz and 21 Khz, causes significant tumor shrinkage, and in the cancer cells is viewed a increased rate in the intracellular calcium (that can be associated with IP3/DAG signaling pathway, and that is the PI3K pathway which is generally involved in the Hepato-Cellular-Carcinoma genesis)

They use the technique used by Rife (a pioneering in this type of treatment) who previously shown that:

" pulsed EMFs could have considerable bioeffects according to their frequency. Because each micro-organism would respond to a precise frequency, up to being destroyed, once entering a seizure, with agitation and change in form. When the specimen was exposed to an EMF flash at some Hertz of its resonance frequency, it reached a moment of seizure, and then recovered in a few seconds. But when the germ was exposed exactly on its critical frequency, it literally exploded. These effects, which were repeated thousands of times by Rife on germs and unicellular beings, never occurred in any multicellular tissues of complex organisms." {Credits 1}

And the authors think this can be due to an intrinsic specific mode of bioelectromagnetic communication between the human thought and the living nature of simple bacteria.

" With the help of his first prototypes, Rife was able to cure animals having various specific infections, and study the different bio-effects. It appeared to him that tumor cells did not explode like bacteria, though they also died, but in another way. Rife then turned to viruses, (the infectious agents “which cross the filters”). After thousands of experiments, he formed the conviction that a cancer virus could be isolated and that his machine, by destroying the virus infects the tumoral cell, could cure cancer." {Credits 1}

The authors do a clinical application of these ideas to a cancer patient, with very positive results.

It must be taken in consideration the special characteristic of the emitted radiation:

" the radiofrequency solitons propagated in space out of the tube are discontinuous signals. They can be named as Photons, because they are electromagnetic waves of frequency F meeting Maxwell’s wave equation. But they are also solitary topological defects propagating in the physical vacuum, therefore they are spinors, (complex direction fields,) which satisfy the null eikonal Equation (4), [39]. These solitons are thus discontinuous radio frequencies signals which are more than merely waves. Such active agents differ from the visible or infra-red light which is emitted by the tube. Because that light is only a wave which is a solution of the wave equation, it is not a signal with curative capacity." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Le Chapellier, P. and Matta, B. (2014) Is Victory over Pancreatic Cancer Possible, with the Help of Tuned Non-Invasive Physiotherapy? A Case Study Says Yes. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 5, 460-477. doi: 10.4236/jct.2014.55053. Copyright © 2014 Pierre Le Chapellier, Badri Matta et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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