Evidence of bystander effect induced by radiofrequency radiation in a human neuroblastoma cell line

The measured effect is detected both in exposed cells and near, but separated, non-exposed cells.

This "bystander" effect have been show in other experiments to be mediated by biophotons emitted from the exposed cells, that are capable to send information to the other cells. See paper [1] and subsection [2] for more.

[1] Jooyan, N., Goliaei, B., Bigdeli, B., Faraji-Dana, R., Zamani, A., Entezami, M., & Mortazavi, S. M. J. (2019). Direct and indirect effects of exposure to 900 MHz GSM radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on CHO cell line: Evidence of bystander effect by non-ionizing radiation. Environmental research, 174, 176-187.

[2] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Biophotons › Biophotons - Various › Biophotons and intercellular or intersubject communication.

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