Effectiveness of an Innovative Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Stimulation in Healing of Untreatable Skin Ulcers in the Frail Elderly: Two Case Reports

They describe the first reported case of an innovative PEMF therapy - Emysimmetric Bilateral Stimulation (EBS) - used to successfully treat refractory skin ulcers in two elderly and fragile patients.

" EBS stands different than the conventional PEMF stimulation devices as it adopts low power stimulations to cover a wide range of frequency bands, shapes, and durations of pulses of the EMF. The core principle is the utilization of PEMF noise-like stimuli to trigger self-arrangements in the living system of treated subjects and improve wound regeneration. Recently, the group led by Montagnier has detected experimentally the presence of electromagnetic signals originating in the water surrounding biomolecules [21]. To us this should be the key-point of EBS stimulation technique: the stimuli involved in the interaction between human body and extremely weak electromagnetic signals are not energetic but potential and phase based actors, able to produce a phase shift in domains of coherent bound-water constituting cells." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Guerriero, F., Botarelli, E., Mele, G., Polo, L., Zoncu, D., Renati, P., ... & Francis, M. (2015). Effectiveness of an innovative pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulation in healing of untreatable skin ulcers in the frail elderly: two case reports. Case reports in dermatological medicine, 2015. Copyright © 2015 Fabio Guerriero et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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