The Role of Polyamine Metabolism in the Regulation of Male Gamete Apoptosis

" Spermine (SPM) and spermidine (SPD) are polyamines (PA) that are widely present in body tissues and body fluids, and are vital essential for cell growth, cell proliferation, and differentiation."

" The millimeter-wave electromagnetic radiation range (EMI MM-range) is often used in complex therapy of various diseases, including diseases of the male reproductive system."

" These effects are realized after a 24-hour incubation of cells with polyamines. the decrease in the concentration of PA, the increase in the resistance of sperm membranes, and the decrease in the number of apoptotic gametes after a short-term exposure to sperm of men of the EMM MM-band with the described characteristics were revealed."

Last modified on 09-May-21

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