Study of the Effects of Ultra-Low Intensity Electromagnetic Fields on Biological Objects

" The seeds of wheat and interaction of millimeter range electromagnetic oscillations with bone marrow cells of rats were used as biological objects for investigating the effect of millimeter range electromagnetic oscillations. A biosensory effect was obtained when exposed to broadband radiation of ultra-low intensity, compared to the control sample. A change in the properties of the seeds, in particular, heat resistance, is observed. According to the experimental data, seeds turn out to be less susceptible to heat as a result of their pretreatment with EMF. The biological response is observed to depend on the frequency and time of irradiation. Also, the dependence of the decrease in the number of dead cells on the time of EMF irradiation was experimentally proved. The equation of dependence of selective average proportion of dead cells in rat bone marrow on irradiation time was calculated. Biosensory effect of exposure to broadband ultra-low intensity EMF of the developed emitter was revealed." {Credits 1}

" It is believed that low-intensity electromagnetic radiation is a universal mechanism for transmitting information both between living objects and between cells within a biological object." {Credits 1}

" Hypothesis put forward in [8, 12, 13] suggests that the external EMFs of the microwave range, simulating the body’s own microwave radiation, synchronize, using the principle of resonance, «healthy» rhythms lost in the disease, and restore electromagnetic homeostasis. In this case, the primary processes occur in cell membranes, and the transfer of information to organs is carried out through nerve fibers. The therapeutic effect of the EMFs of the microwave range is based on their resonant interaction with the natural oscillations of molecular oscillators of the sick body. Due to this, the restoration of «normal» resonant frequencies and phase synchronization of molecular oscillations occurs under the action of the EMFs [14]. Thus, the «information» effect of the EMFs of the microwave range consists in the purposeful transmission of microwave energy quanta to «deformed» molecular oscillators of the body." {Credits 1}

" In the course of the experiment, the dependence of the number of dead cells on the time of exposure to EMR of MMR was established. The dependence of a decrease in the selective average proportion of dead cells with an increase in the time of exposure to radiation from 10 to 30 minutes was experimentally proved. With an increase in the exposure time from 30 to 60 minutes, this figure increases. Thus, the established minimum time with the maximum positive effect of the impact on the bone marrow cells of rats was 30 minutes. This was confirmed by the calculated dependency level. The obtained results show that the effect of informational electromagnetic radiation is able to modify the immune status of the organism of bioobjects, exert anti-inflammatory effect, activate physiological and reparative regeneration. But it is necessary to take into account the duration of radiation, as well as design features of the emitter." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Voloshyn, Y., Kulish, S., Oliinyk, V., & Frolov, A. (2021). Study of the effects of ultra-low intensity electromagnetic fields on biological objects. Technology audit and production reserves, 6(1 (62)), 19-26. © 2021 The Author(s). This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons CC BY License.

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