Preliminary Results of Influence of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation on Tumor and Healthy DNA and Role of Water

For the authors the various changes observed bring to the conclusion that electromagnetic fields (one of them 64.5 GHz which is a resonant frequency for oscillations of molecular hexagonal water structures) do not act directly on DNA but rather are mediated by water, stimulating structural change of the water shell surrounding the DNA which in turn affects the compaction of the macromolecule.

" After 15 sessions of exposure without cytostatic drugs, at animals of the irradiated 0,5 hour was observed an inhibition of tumor growth by 33.5% compared with a control group and a sharp suppression of the level of DNA-methylation in 2.1 times. The tDNA [tumor sarcoma DNA]has the high level of methylation (4.7 mol%), which after 0.5 hour daily exposure becomes (2.2 mol%) close to the corresponding value for hDNA [healthy mice DNA](1.9 mol%). Differential melting curves (DMC) of tDNA are shifted relatively DMC of the hDNA to lower temperatures, and in the DMC of tDNA the additional peaks in the 52-60ºC range are appeared, which are absent for DMC of liver hDNA. The obtained results are correlated with the spectrophotometric data. Under the influence of EMFs the values of temperature and interval of melting of tDNA are changed and approach to the corresponding values of hDNA."

There is also a proof of the existence of Exclusión Zone waters around biomolecules and cellular structures and walls [1], because they do density measures after irradiation on solutes that bring different results from pure water and that imply that in the first case free water molecules (that not pertain to compositions of the most common hexagonal structures) are structured around the dissolved ions or macromolecules.

[1] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Water & Electromagnetic Fields › Electromagnetism & Water - Exclusion Zones

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