Influence of low intensity coherent electromagnetic millimeter radiation (EMR) on aqua solution of DNA

The authors irradiated DNA solutions with the resonance frequency of the oscillations of hexagonal structures of water (66.5 GHz).

" It is shown that the thermostability of DNA and density of its solutions are increased, depending on time of irradiation. It is expected that under the influence of millimeter electromagnetic radiation the hydration of DNA and ions of Na+ that are present in solution decrease. As a result, the physicochemical characteristics of DNA are changed."

Currently, the concept that non-thermal effect of MMWs on biological systems is determined by the effect of MMWs on water, causing changes of bound water properties is rather acknowledged. (Water can be a main target because is extended over all parts of biological systems and is sufficiently systemic to account for the variety of effects, having some curious interactions with electromagnetic waves [1].)

" Thus, the research of influence MMWs on structure and physical and chemical properties of water and water solutions of biological objects is essential. It is shown that rather weak physical influence including the MM-waves, impacts the properties of water solutions due to change of structure of water in an environment of the dissolved substances. Moreover, it is revealed, that functional changes of biological objects occur at irradiation of solutions of MM-waves."

They say that molecular structures of biological tissues and water oscillate with a resonance frequency similar to those used in the new telecommunication systems.

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