Effect of millimeter range electromagnetic waves on complex-formation of ethidium bromide and Hoechst 33258 with DNA

" It has been shown that the millimeter wave irradiation of water-saline solutions of DNA complexes with ligands leads to significant changes in the water structure, which in turn results in relevant alteration of the thermodynamic characteristics of DNA–ligand complexes. It has also been shown that the irradiation of the water-saline solutions of DNA–H33258 complexes with millimeter waves of 64.5 GHz frequency results in the manifestation of the ligand specific interaction at the high ionic strengths, which is not observed in the absence of irradiation. With the millimeter wave irradiation, as a consequence of increasing of the degree of DNA hydration, the interaction mode of EtBr with DNA is non-specific to sequences, but the intercalation mode does not change."

Last modified on 26-Aug-20

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