Biological Risks of Using Non-Thermal Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields

It underlines the risk of using millimeter radiation as a therapeutic tool by reviewing the existing experimental data on the using of these frequencies as non-thermal irradiation therapeutic tool, paying special attention to experimental data, until now not considered, from the URSS soviet nations and epoch.

" Particular attention is paid to the use of non-thermal microwaves for physiotherapy procedures, pain relief, correction of psycho-emotional disorders, ulcer healing, in particular stomach and duodenum, etc. It is noted that the so-called "therapeutic" frequencies of EHF-EMF, even if controlled, can cause negative effects, although they are not perceived as damaging. Changes in objective vital signs in the case of targeted exposure by low-intensity millimeter-wave radiation, namely, hemodynamics, temperature increase in the exposure zone, muscle activity, and the speed of the passage of a nerve impulse, an encephalogram were established. Precautionary recommendations based on the scientific and practical experience of using microwave acupuncture methods in the conditions of medical institutions are formulated.

The synergistic effect of various influences, in particular electromagnetic fields, may not be a direct trigger of the disease, but a factor of not compensated stress. Therefore, clinical studies conducted many years ago cannot simply be dismissed on the grounds that the millimeter radiation penetrates only the outer layer of the skin. Skin cells can also secrete mediators that cause changes in ionic calcium channels and the level of calcium in the cells. The interest in these works is justified by the fact that currently the sources of monochromatic millimeter radiation will be spread with new communication systems. The risks of their biological action should be taken into account when emitters are installed." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Nizhelska, O., Marynchenko, L., & Piasetskyi, V. (2020). Biological Risks of Using Non-Thermal Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields. Innovative Biosystems and Bioengineering, 4(2), 95-109. © 2020 The Author(s). This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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