Determination of Characteristic Frequency for Identification of Hot Spots in Proteins

First they explain how the 3D shape of a protein can be derived from its amino-acid sequence and that Proteins perform their biological function by interacting with other molecules known as targets and that the necessary binding energy for this protein-target interaction is provided by hot spots, that are small groups of amino-acids which provide functional stability to proteins.

Its know that using resonant recognition model (RRM) which correlates the biological functioning of the protein to the characteristic frequencies, is founded that hot spots are localized where the characteristic frequencies of the functional group are dominant.

Here the authors propose one mathematical development to extract these characteristic frequencies different from a previously used one (Power Spectral Density (PSD) instead of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)).

There are various papers on the Resonant Recognition Model in this section of this web (anyway in this paper there is also a good description of the model).

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