The Effects of Visible Light Radiation (400-500 nm) on Enzymatic Activity of Collagenase

" There are studies which have shown that applied electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the visible light range can modulate protein and cellular activity. Here we validate experimentally the hypothesis of the Resonant Recognition Model (RRM) that selectivity of protein activities is based on specific resonant electromagnetic interactions [2]. The computational analysis of 28 collagenase sequences was performed and the activation frequency/wavelength range was determined to be 450–460 nm. To evaluate this range, the Collagenase enzyme solutions were irradiated by monochromatic light of 400 to 500 nm. The kinetics of the chemical reaction was measured by continuous monitoring of the changes in absorbance of collagen at 570 nm. The results revealed that collagenase activity can be modulated at the particular wavelengths of 450 nm, 456 nm, and 460 nm, which is within the activation wavelength range defined computationally. This finding indicates that enzyme function can be modified by an applied electromagnetic radiation of defined frequency, which may contribute to the development of a new clinical therapy for wound healing promotion."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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