LORETA indicates frequency-specific suppressions of current sources within the cerebrums of blindfolded subjects from patterns of blue light flashes applied over the skull

" An array of eight cloistered (completely covered) 470-nm LEDs was attached to the right caudal scalp of subjects while each sat blindfolded within a darkened chamber. The LEDs were activated by a computer-generated complex (frequency-modulated) temporal pattern that, when applied as weak magnetic fields, has elicited sensed presences and changes in LORETA (low-resolution electromagnetic tomography) configurations. Serial 5-min on to 5-min off presentations of the blue light (10,000 lx) resulted in suppression of gamma activity within the right cuneus (including the extrastriate area),beta activity within the left angular and right superior temporal regions, and alpha power within the right parahippocampal region. The effect required about 5 min to emerge followed by a transient asymptote for about 15 to 20 min when diminished current source density was evident even during no light conditions. Subjective experiences, as measured by our standard exit questionnaire, reflected sensations similar to those reported when the pattern was presented as a weak magnetic field. Given previous evidence that photon flux density of this magnitude can penetrate the skull, these results suggest that properly configured LEDs that generate physiologically patterned light sequences might be employed as noninvasive methods to explore the dynamic characteristics of cerebral activity in epileptic and nonepileptic brains."

It's noteworthy that one investigation in what the authors of the present experiment has inspired is an experiment in which is applied a 455-550 nm light of 8,000 lx to the ears canals that elicited clear and specific changes in fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) profiles, with greater functional connectivity when the light is applied.

For the authors is important to take in consideration that the scalp is composed by muscles, that are living cells, and that bone has osteocytes (also alive) with myriad of lacunae and canaliculi.

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