Laser photobiomodulation: A new promising player for the multi-hallmark treatment of advanced cancer

In this note the authors view that the anti cancer research must be more oriented to the tumor's microenvironment, to restore homeostasis-homeokinesis, than solely to destroy cancer cells by single molecular targets. In this view light therapies, light photobiomodulation (L-PBM) also known as low-energy laser therapy (LLLT), can have a prominent role.

Although initial skepticism because of the old conviction that only electromagnetic fields with sufficient intensity to heating matter could trigger biological effects, this belief is becoming surpassed by the continuous flow of experimental papers that point to the contrary. The reality is that there are other type of interactions based in a variety of mechanisms. Authors do a brief summary of some of the studied effects in light photobiomodulation.

The important idea is that authors relate these effects to the interaction of light with exclusion zone waters, and this coincide with the more systemic view treated in the web, because the ubiquity of this 'phase' of water on biological systems [1].

On this respect they wrote:

" Recently, based on studies by Pollack and others on the exclusion zone (EZ), described as a fourth phase of water,[32] we hypothesized that the EZ might be targeted by L-PBM as an energy reservoir, which cells may use to fuel cellular work and trigger signaling pathways and gene expression in the presence of injury-induced redox potentials [31]. Nevertheless, we stressed that experimental proof that L-PBM would express effects via the EZ in a high-order biological system had not been attained. Now, clinical and experimental results which are remarkably consistent with the current understanding of the EZ are in press [33]. Such evidence, and the growing substantiation and reproduction of the above results, lead us to be confident that L-PBM will have a bright future in medicine at large, and oncology in particular." {Credits 1}

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{Credits 1} 🎪 Santana-Blank, L., Rodríguez-Santana, E., Reyes, H., Santana-Rodríguez, J. A., & Santana-Rodríguez, K. E. (2013). Laser photobiomodulation: A new promising player for the multi-hallmark treatment of advanced cancer. Int J Cancer Ther Oncol, 1(1), 01012. © International Journal of Cancer Therapy and Oncology (IJCTO). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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