Effect of 710 nm visible light irradiation on neurite outgrowth in primary rat cortical neurons following ischemic insult

" .. we sought to determine the effects of 710 nm visible light irradiation on neuronal protection and neuronal outgrowth in an in vitro stroke model ... Images captured after MAP2 [microtubule associated protein 2] immunocytochemistry showed significant (p < 0.05) enhancement of post-ischemic neurite outgrowth with LED treatment once and twice a day. MAPK [mitogen-activated protein kinase, formerly known as microtubule associated protein kinase, a possible to take in consideration issue because microtubules and endogenous biophotons are very related, as it can be seen in this section] activation was enhanced by LED treatment in both OGD[oxygen-glucose deprivation]-exposed and normal cells. The levels of synaptic markers such as PSD 95, GAP 43, and synaptophysin significantly increased with LED treatment in both OGD-exposed and normal cells (p < 0.05)."

Last modified on 14-Mar-16

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