Influence of Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy on Gene Expression in Muscle Cells, Peripheral Circulation, and Metabolic Factors in Aging Adults

" The results indicate no change in mRNA content of Ku70 during the single PEMF session however mRNA levels of IL-6 and c-Fos increased. The chronic effects of PEMF treatment include significant reductions in blood pressure, and increases in skin temperature. These findings suggest that due to no change in Ku70 levels, a gene associated with DNA damage, an acute bout of PEMF did not cause acute molecular damage. The increase in IL-6, a gene associated with expression of a glucose transporter, might have an influence on glucose metabolism. The increase in c-Fos, a gene linked to growth factors in skeletal muscle, might influence lose in muscle size associated with aging. The increase in skin temperature is difficult to interpret since it might be linked to either heightened metabolism or improvements in peripheral circulation."

Last modified on 02-Sep-16

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